Dinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue Games

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Dinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue GamesDinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue GamesDinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue GamesDinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue GamesDinosaur Guard 2 - Dinosaur World Rescue Games

The dinosaur world is in a crisis. Will you select to hitch the Dinosaur Guard and battle for the little dinosaurs?

Collect dinosaur stamps and battle with the brand new dinosaur boss!

Would you like to get to know more mysterious dinosaur species? Just be part of the Dinosaur Guard team! Here, you'll be able to study Dilophosaurus, Mosasaurus, Hainosaurus, and Bahariasaurus! Rescue a dinosaur and its stamp will be collected. You can verify it at any time and compete with friends on assortment progress. Become a famous Dinosaur Master and start to create your individual dinosaur world legend!

Go deep into the Jurassic world and enjoy the unbelievable pure wonders!

Danxia landforms, tropical rain forests, the Firefly Lights Cave, and crystal caves ... ... 10 completely different pure scenes in total! They aren't only homes for dinosaurs to inhabit but also reflections of the real world. Dripping stalactites in rock caves, swinging coral relics, water-eroded mountains, and king flowers in rain forests ... Shh! Pay attention! Do not get up the Mugger crocodiles hidden in the water bay!

Choose autos to battle and rescue the little dinosaurs!

Become a member of the Dinosaur Guard; choose needed vehicles! Whether steering a 4-wheel-drive automotive, an off-road automotive, or a submarine, you presumably can maintain going ahead underneath any circumstances!

The child dinosaur is compelled into the corner! Aim at the fierce giant dinosaur right now! Just at the right moment, the smart aiming mode, zoom-in mode, and scattering mode of your guard automobile will launch automatically! Oops! The harmful dinosaur is kind of crushing onto our vehicle! Don't fear about that! The dinosaur companions will come to offer a hand! Let's cooperate and save the infant dinosaur!

The alarm bell is ringing! The boss dinosaur is chasing the little dinosaur. Pick your favorite automobile and begin the rescue!


• 10 themed levels, together with the Firefly Lights Cave, a meteorite hole, vine swamp, tropical ocean present, lava volcano, coral relics, tropical rain forest, deep-sea swirl, crystal cave, and Danxia landforms

• 6 police vehicles and 4 guard submarines help you go-ahead

• 4 guard staff members are able to start

• 26 vivid dinosaur characters

• Multiple roadblocks and route designs

• No third-party advertising

• Works offline

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