Desert Drifter - Ultimate Racing Survival Game

By Eldring

Desert Drifter - Ultimate Racing Survival GameDesert Drifter - Ultimate Racing Survival GameDesert Drifter - Ultimate Racing Survival Game

You're being chased. How long can you last?

Drift your way through an infinite desert, where every drift and skid matters!

Avoid the police cars, spike traps and monster trucks while mastering your timing, drifting and near-miss skills. Hit 'em back with your abilities and

buy a new or upgrade your favorite vehicle to survive the ever lasting onslaught of reinforcements!

◉ 14 unique cars

◉ Upgrade and tweak your favorite car

◉ Progressive difficulty

◉ Hit 'em back with 6 unique abilities!

◉ Near miss bonuses

◉ Revenge mode

◉ Hours of fun, moments of glory

◉ Top the lists as the new Drift King

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