Deep Town: Mining Factory

By Rockbite Games

Deep Town: Mining FactoryDeep Town: Mining FactoryDeep Town: Mining FactoryDeep Town: Mining FactoryDeep Town: Mining Factory

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DIG DEEP and uncover the hidden story behind Deep Town and along the finest way discover story artifacts, dig deeper, and construct mining stations to supply more resources! ?⛏

Wondering should you've got what it takes to have the power to manage a big manufacturing, earn income, and gather story artifacts? Manage your buildings and idle sources and earn enough money to upgrade productions! Make an industrial revolution to manage and automate your mine production.

Expand your town mining and provides your productiveness a boost with drones who will automate the workflow of your mines and offer you boosts on other buildings!

Deep Town is an idle industrial simulation sport that mixes mining, crafting, and management to earn revenue and advance your city. The aim of this miner strategy simulator is to construct and optimize assets assortment to achieve as a lot productiveness to help you dig deeper: use special spells to defeat over 10 totally different elders to uncover the crust of your city then use a rocket to journey into outer area to mine on asteroids! Progress by way of the sport to get the prospect to terraform your planet!

Become a pro supervisor at multitasking and prioritizing your workflow to maintain a constant circulate of idle revenue - craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars, use the rain water out of your water collector to grow seeds into crops in your greenhouse ?, use miner robots to make your mine deeper to reach the planet's core.


● Free to play

● Free Daily Chest

● Automate your mining workflow to extend your idle income

● Upgrade your management panel to power up your spells to dig and destroy blocks FASTER!

● Dig Deeper ⛏ to uncover extra areas to build mines, oil buildings and chemistry mines!

● Send explorer bots to hidden caves on secret expeditions to collect artifacts

● Profit from promoting your objects on the proper time within the buying and selling portal and turn into rich!

● Upgrade your drone bay and enhance your productivity!

● Mine for greater than 15 totally different assets: coal, copper, gold, obsidian and more!

● No Internet connection wanted for primary sport: acquire resources on-line and offline!

● Climb the leaderboard and become the highest rated guild in this idle miner simulation!

Take an opportunity and see what combination of spells allows you to faucet to dig the quickest - how briskly can you destroy those blocks?


● Join a guild to compete with different guilds

● Message to chat about strategies and ask for sources.

● Create your own group or seek for an current guild

● Win rewards of chests crammed with uncommon gems and honor badges

● Compete in WEEKLY EVENTS

● Place on Top 30 or All-Time chief board

● Invite your friends to hitch in on the FUN!

● Donate or request supplies out of your guild members

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