Dark Mist

By Pixel Cattle Games

Dark MistDark MistDark MistDark MistDark Mist

Dark Mist is a card recreation that combines parts of the roguelike deckbuilder genre with enemies that appear in waves. Defeat monsters and stage up throughout battle to maintain your self going.

About this sport:

● Your health is equal to the number of cards in your deck. Every time you take 1 damage, the enemy takes 1 card. If your deck is exhausted, the game ends.

● Enemies come in rows of three (and later four). Carefully plan your attacks to line up enemies and knock them down. Otherwise you may be overwhelmed. You need to carefully decide the order of killing monsters, which will influence on your later actions. Defeating enemies in a clever order will make your later battles easier. Failure to take action may result in your sudden defeat.

●There are three forms of cards in the game: attacks, skills, and curses. Being defensive is not an choice towards the the evils of the mist. Attack shortly and desperately to survive.

● Gain exp and stage as much as add new playing cards to your deck as you defeat monsters.

● We have prepared six classes for you to experience. Each class has a unique method of combating, and each requires exploration and expertise to use successfully.

● More than 500 cards, 30 events, 15 bosses, and 80 totally different kinds of monsters can be found.

● In addition to the normal game mode, there's a Custom Mode and the Daily Challenge.

● What awaits Dark Mist within the future? Find out soon!

Thank you in your consideration and support!

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