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[Commemorative Coupon for 1.2.2 Update]

• 200 Gold cubes free coupons. ILIKECH2

Use: Pause - System - Use Coupon

[Game Features]

• Classic RPG with an exciting deep story.

• From four different characters, you can combine two characters in a party.

• Various options to be granted when acquiring items

• Decorate your characters with over 400 costumes.

Come up with the best strategy to win battles!

[Endless Fun]

• Content that does not end even after the story ends

• Get better items in Forgotten Dungeons.

• Challenge the Infinity Tower.

• Confront other people through PVP.

• Clear mission and upgrade your skills to demolish your enemies!

[Exclusive Items]

• Wing Card - Make your character stronger.

• Upgraded Stone - Upgrade your weapon.

You can create items in craft menu!

[Gift for you]

• 200 Gold cubes free coupons. CH2LIKEU

Use: Pause - System - Use Coupon

• Welcome Gift free150 Gold cubes

Pause - Network - Check in mailbox

[Payment Event]

The game contains special gold cubes for in app purchase that can enhance game play and speed up your progress.

Get your additional free gold cubes!

• 150 free gold cubes for the first purchase.

• When your accumulated purchase reached $10 in a month you can get 200 additional free gold cubes.

• Also, for $50 your will get 1250 and for $100 you will get 3000 FREE additional gold cubes.

[Contact us]

Please send an email to [email protected]

[CrimsonHeart2 Facebook page]

Come to our page for events and tips!

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