Clean Crosswords – free Crossword Puzzles

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Clean Crosswords – free Crossword PuzzlesClean Crosswords – free Crossword PuzzlesClean Crosswords – free Crossword PuzzlesClean Crosswords – free Crossword PuzzlesClean Crosswords – free Crossword Puzzles

Designed for Android telephones in addition to tablets and written in basic British English, Clean Crossword is possibly the best free crossword puzzles game ever published for Android units. The clues are shown right in the puzzle grid, making crossword puzzles straightforward to view and play. This app promises weeks of challenging fun, all for free!


• 1,800 free crossword puzzles

• Choose from 3 issue levels

• Zoomable puzzle grid

• Written in classic British English

• Beautiful and clean design

• Once you’ve solved a Clean Crosswords puzzle in your tablet, you’ll by no means go back to paper!

This lovingly produced app contains 1,800 puzzles in 3 levels. Easier levels use simpler words and a smaller grid, perfect for a brief break. Harder levels have harder clues and bigger puzzle grids for hours of challenging fun. Also, careful enhancing and an enormous pool of phrases be certain that clues don’t repeat too usually.

PLEASE NOTE: our puzzles are created by British puzzle editors especially with gamers from Commonwealth nations in mind. Of course, North American players are welcome to affix the enjoyable.


When was the first crossword born, and where? Some say in 1890, in Italy. However, this primitive puzzle was tiny (4x4) and had no shaded squares, and was not even known as a crossword. Its author, Giuseppe Airoldi, titled it “To Pass the Time.”

The first true crossword created in 1913 by an English journalist, Arthur Wynne, for the New York World. Its identify: “word-cross,” which soon developed to “crossword.” So, you can say the crossword is both English and American, and it’s approximately 100 years outdated.

The crossword rapidly grew to become a daily characteristic within the New York World, then in different periodicals. In 1924, the Sunday Express grew to become the primary UK newspaper to introduce crosswords, and both the US and the UK went crossword-crazy.

Initially, some saw crosswords as a passing pattern. The New York Public Library complained, “Puzzle 'followers' swarm to the dictionaries and encyclopedias so as to drive away readers and students who need these books.” But others foresaw the crossword’s staying power. In 1924, Simon and Schuster printed the world’s first crossword book – the beginning of a profitable sequence which continues to today.

Crosswords have now spread to many nations and to languages as various as Hebrew and Japanese. The Arrow Words format featured in this app is identified as the Swedish-style or Scandinavian crossword, because it was popularized there. The clues are shown proper within the grid squares, making the puzzle handy to solve – particularly on the iPhone and iPad: the following chapter in the history of crosswords.

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