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Chess - Analyze This (Free)Chess - Analyze This (Free)Chess - Analyze This (Free)Chess - Analyze This (Free)

Analyze your chess sport with the power of a number of Chess Engines! Leave your chess laptop behind!

/** FEATURES **/

☆ Load and analyze your games from PGN file. Tested to work with pgn games from, lichess, chess24 and different on-line servers*.

☆ Full Engine evaluation of the current game with verbose English commentary! Analyze video games of Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand and different masters!

☆ Save strikes and variations

☆ Paste PGN or FEN

☆ Share PGN/FEN with different Chess apps or send by way of Email/Twitter

☆ Manage and install new UCI engines. (Pro only)

☆ One click on analysis from iChess, Follow Chess Chess Book Study apps

☆New innovative function to move back and forth by simply tilting your gadget. Now give your fingers some rest!

☆ Play against Engine or let Engines play (current board position) in opposition to one another (Pro solely. Tap engine title to see option)

☆ Annotate games with symbols and comments

☆ Auto replay games (Pro only)

☆ Supports Engines like Komodo 8, Komodo 9 which use the Open Engine format

☆ Support for loading your public recreation from lichess,, chessgames when viewing via Browser, Whatsapp and so forth. if you faucet on the sport.


With Paid model, you get :

- No Ads

- Install new UCI Chess engines

- Ask engine to show threat

- Ask engine to play one or each sides

- Auto analysis time more than 5 seconds

- Unrestricted import of on-line games

- New Board designs and themes!

- Auto-replay strikes and more!

♚ This just isn't an app to play a chess recreation towards the cellular or online or with friends

♚ Online chess not supported

♚ Importing exterior engines like Houdini 3, Rybka, Fritz, Hiarcs is at present not supported

*Note: While lichess is free and open supply, different servers like chess24, have paid membership to entry some options (which might include downloading pgn)

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