Cat Restaurant!

By 용덕킹

Cat Restaurant!Cat Restaurant!Cat Restaurant!

Welcome to Cat Restaurant! Make a meal for cats, follow the hidden stories and feel impressed!

This place the place solely chilly machine sounds are heard just a cheesy, sloppy conveyor belt…

But from the second you appeared and started the robot-chefs, it turned a celebration for pretty cats! Like Paradise!!

Meet the honest interviews below~!

MUNGU CAT : Oh..! This is a great restaurant. I come right here daily and eat.

PinkBoom : My fortunate colour is pink, but why is there no pink meals here?

Doctor.Song : Wash your palms typically and eat water and fruits. Don't overlook to exercise.

If you're curious whether this evaluation is true or not, Cat Restaurant! Connect and meet the interviewed cats in person!

100 dishes and 100 forms of cat customers! And one of the best game with a hundred levels to be updated!! Everything you need is correct here! Play Cat Restaurant at no cost, for life!

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