Board Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop games

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Board Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop gamesBoard Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop gamesBoard Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop gamesBoard Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop gamesBoard Game Stats: Play tracking for tabletop games

With Board Game Stats (BG Stats for short) you can keep track of your Board Game plays and scores in an easy to use stats tool.

View statistics and graphs for your games, plays, and other players.

Features of Board Game Stats:

- How many games did you play recently?

- Who scored the highest for a game?

- With whom did you play and who wins more?

- Did you improve your score from last times?

- Compare players, view graphs and charts.

Detailed BG Stats features:

- Enter Games and set an image and scoring rules

- Set Players and Locations, including anonymous players

- Enter your plays including location and scores per player and many more details

- Calculate scores on the fly using and -

- Create teams and enter team scores

- Auto-assign ranks to Players

- Add Player roles and select from previously used ones

- Add images of your Plays, and create profile images of Players

- Add a Game note you can view each time you start a Play

- Link Games to BoardGameGeek (BGG) to load more details and a game image

- Import existing plays and played games from BoardGameGeek (BGG)

- Import your owned games and collection from BoardGameGeek (BGG)

(please note: this is currently just one-way and no collection manager, nor can you set owned status in the app)

- Post your plays to BoardGameGeek (BGG), including auto-post

- Post your play to Twitter or Facebook

- View statistics for Games, Plays, and Players

- View statistics for a specific combination of players

- Browse an extended statistics overview with H-index and fives, dimes, quarters and centuries

- View a Player's personal H-index and win percentage

- Export and import scores for easy backup

- Sync with other devices via cloud-sync (in-app subscription)

With the Deep statistics expansion (in-app purchase):

- View charts based on number of players

- Filter your data on players, location, specific periods and player counts

- Compare specific players' statistics

- View winning streaks (longest en current)

- View tiebreakers, winning new players and winning starting player stats

- View role-based statistics, per role and per player

- Satisfy the geek in yourself!

With the Challenges expansion (in-app purchase):

- Set x times y challenges: play x games y times

- Set the time period and add the games to track

- Use auto-fill to let the app select the most played games for your challenge

- Create hardcore challenges that cannot be changed during the challenge

- Share your challenge, status and results

- A recommended tool on board game geek

With a Cloud sync subscription:

- Seamlessly sync your data between all your devices

- Keep a backup of your data in the cloud

Please note that any changes to the BoardGameGeek website or API can temporarily break BGG related features in BG Stats. I cannot guarantee their continued availability.

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