Blue Light Filter for Eye Care


Blue Light Filter for Eye CareBlue Light Filter for Eye CareBlue Light Filter for Eye CareBlue Light Filter for Eye CareBlue Light Filter for Eye Care

Blue light filter on your eye care protection! Blue mild, also identified as High-energy visible mild is given out of your smartphone display, which is said to be the reason for eye fatigue, deterioration of eye sight and insomnia. Prolonged exposure will harm the eyes retina.

This application, blue light filter will regulate a color of display screen to reduce block the blue mild and helps your eyes relax, works similar to display dimmer or display screen filter, leading to cut back eye fatigue, deterioration of eye sight.

** Functions of Blue mild Filter for Eye Care**

1. Filter/Dimmer to protect your eyes.

Turn ON filter to begin defending your eyes! Especially effective when you are to stare on the smartphone screen for longer hours throughout night time.

2. Various Adjutments

- Filter/Dimmer strength from 0% to 100%

- 6 completely different filter/dimmer colors to determine on from

- Adjust telephone opacity and brightness

- Option to maintain the standing bar color as-is or embrace within the filter

3. Super simple effective interface!

Turning ON/OFF is just within one-tap from app launch.

4. Auto-Startup

An option to auto-startup the filter when booted. Either ON/OFF.

5. Widget

Easily turn ON/OFF the filter from pulldown menu.

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