Blood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control Diary

By AccuMediHealth

Blood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control DiaryBlood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control DiaryBlood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control DiaryBlood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control DiaryBlood Pressure : BP Records Analyze Control Diary

Blood Pressure Application helps the users to maintain the average records of their blood pressure. Launch the application enter the Blood Pressure values in both systolic and diastolic units along with the heart rate pulse BPM and press the save button. User can also define custom tags while saving the values, add notes while saving the blood pressure. The application will maintain these records in tabular form in order to represent the saved value. View and analyze the entered values of blood pressure and make a health plan accordingly. The application is a complete health diary for user to follow and monitor the blood pressure in order to stay heathy.

Key features of application:

User friendly simple and attractive user interface.

Modify edit and save the blood pressure records.

Add notes while entering the values.

Define custom tags to associate the entered values with.

Adjust date or time while entering the blood pressure.

Setup complete profile by entering age, weight and other details.

Add short description while saving the Blood pressure.

This application supports multiple users.

Application represents records through interactive charts.

Obtains Statistical and analytical reports.

Export reports with this application in the format of your choice.

Share reports with the doctor and discuss medical history.

Set reminders to check blood pressure regularly with authentic devices

Set multiple parameters/filters while monitoring values.

Blood Pressure info and guidelines to provide necessary info regarding the entered values.

View data in variopus forms as charts reports and analysis in the form of graphs.

Set profile and calculate BMI in order to get healthy.

Note :

This is diary tracking application which is only designed to save and analyze the entered value. This application is not designed to measure the values, we suggest the users to use authentic device for this purpose.

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