Black Beauty - Storybook


Black Beauty - StorybookBlack Beauty - StorybookBlack Beauty - StorybookBlack Beauty - StorybookBlack Beauty - Storybook

Little Fox, a language education company that teaches English through animated stories, presents its popular series “Black Beauty” as a Storybook App! Watch this warm and touching series about the difficulties, happiness, and friendship between people and horses.

[Black Beauty Introduction]

Black Beauty is a novel by Anna Sewell, a British children’s writer, about a black horse named Black Beauty. This touching story tells of Black Beauty’s happiness and suffering as he passes through many different owners.

[Story Highlights]

- Inspiring lessons can be learned from the interaction of people and animals, and the friendship between animals.

- Experience the story through the 1st person view of the main character Black Beauty and his perspective of life.

- See how people treat animals from the animal’s point of view to shed light on animal abuse.

- Learn about horses of many different colors, backgrounds, and personalities in addition to Black Beauty.

[Storybook App Features]

- Enjoy anytime and anywhere on smartphones or tablets.

- Black Beauty has a total of 35 chapters.

- English subtitles for every chapter.

- Learn English naturally while enjoying the animated stories.

- Enhance creativity and imagination skills while enjoying the animated stories.

- Enjoy the animated story in HD quality.

- Download stories to watch without Wi-Fi or network connection.

- ‘Restore Purchase’ function saves your purchase if you delete and reinstall the app.

[World Renowned Recognition and Awards]

- 2015, 2016 Selected 1st place for the “Best Brand for Kids Index” in the Online English Learning Category by consumers for the second consecutive year

- 2015 Korea EduAward, Elementary School English Education Category

- 2014 USA Teachers’ Choice Award, for the Family for the Classroom

- 2013 USA National Parenting Publications Awards, Gold Winner

- 2013 USA Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class

- 2003 Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA) Prime Minister’s Commendation

- 2002 Italy 39th Bologna Children’s Book Fair, New Media Prize

- 2001 Korea Digital Contents, Grand Prize Winner and Gold Winner

* Little Fox storybook apps are fun and educational for children of all ages! Stay tuned for more Little Fox Storybook apps. Hope you are excited!

[App Access Permissions Notice]

* Required Access Permissions

The following permissions in the stated areas are required to use this app.

- Storage: to store user downloaded content

- Device/App history: to maximize services and check errors

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