Spoken Bible , we know that many times we come to our homes after a long day of work and we long to read the Bible but our strength is exhausted, that is when we take action, with this Bible application in audio you will just relax you will sit in your chair, select the book of the Bible you want to listen to and voila, just close your eyes and listen to that beautiful and wonderful word of God that it has for you.

The Necessity spiritual to hear the word of God, (Bible), It is not only necessary, but essential to hear the word of God, to be able to obtain Faith for her in God. No one can come to God or know him without hearing his word Holy Bible in Audio Spoken, because this is the only way to get to know more about God and his Salvation.

But not only will you find the Audio Bible If not, we offer you many other options, for example if you are in the church and want to accompany the preacher on the quotations of bibles, we will also offer you the option of reading the Bible without the need for internet.

In Bible Spoken you will be able to delight yourself every day with a beautiful Blessing promises, but let's be honest, not everything is Blessing promises, many times we will send you words of warning to remind you that you are not alone.

If you are a very active person in your social networks this application is for you, you will like it a lot, since you can share with your friends the holy word of God, both in audio and in biblical verses in image format.


Audio Bible

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