Bhagavad Gita - Spanish Audio


Bhagavad Gita - Spanish AudioBhagavad Gita - Spanish AudioBhagavad Gita - Spanish AudioBhagavad Gita - Spanish AudioBhagavad Gita - Spanish Audio


★ Spanish Narration by famous vaishnava devotee His Grace Uddhava Das. Produced by Kamlesh Patel

★ Offline App. Large measurement as a outcome of top quality sound. However, as soon as downloaded, it never requires internet nor it consumes increasing house.

★ Complete Bhagavad Geeta

★ Most authentic

★ High high quality sound

★ Nice thematic pictures for each chapter

★ Good to play on an everyday basis while

★ Easy to play

★ Very easy Interface

★ No undesirable Pop-ups, Spam, Ads and Notifications

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★ Free

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Bhagavad-gita, a philosophical poem comprising seven hundred Sanskrit verses, is considered one of the most essential philosophical and literary works recognized to man. More commentaries have been written upon the Gita than upon some other philosophical or spiritual textual content in history. As a basic of timeless wisdom, it is the main literary assist for the oldest surviving spiritual tradition within the world-that of India's Vedic civilization. Not only has the Gita directed the spiritual lifetime of many centuries of Hindus, but, owing to the pervasive affect of non secular ideas in Vedic civilization, the Gita has shaped India's social, ethical, cultural and even political life as well. Attesting to India's almost universal acceptance of the Gita, practically each sectarian cult and college of Hindu thought, representing an unlimited spectrum of spiritual and philosophical views, accepts Bhagavad-gita because the summum bonum guide to religious fact. The Gita, due to this fact, more than some other single historical supply, supplies penetrating insight into the metaphysical and psychological foundation of India's Vedic tradition, both historic and modern.

The affect of Bhagavad-gita, nevertheless, just isn't restricted to India. The Gita has deeply affected the pondering of generations of philosophers, theologians, educators, scientists and authors within the West as nicely Henry David Thoreau reveals in his journal, Every morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavad-gita ... as compared with which our fashionable civilization and literature appear puny and trivial.

The Gita has lengthy been thought-about the essence of Vedic literature, the huge physique of historical scriptural writings that types the basis of Vedic philosophy and spirituality. As the essence of the 108 Upanisads, it is sometimes referred to as Gitopanisad.

Bhagavad-gita, the essence of Vedic wisdom, was injected into the Mahabharata, an action-packed narrative of an essential era in ancient Indian politics.

Bhagavad-gita comes to us within the type of a battlefield dialogue between Lord Sri Krishna and the warrior Arjuna. The dialogue occurs just earlier than the onset of the first navy engagement of the Kuruksetra War, an excellent fratricidal struggle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas to discover out India's political future. Arjuna, forgetful of his prescribed duty as a ksatriya (warrior) whose duty is to fight for a righteous cause in a holy struggle, decides, for personally motivated reasons, to not struggle. Krishna, who has agreed to act as the driver of Arjuna's chariot, sees His pal and devotee in phantasm and perplexity and proceeds to enlighten Arjuna regarding his immediate social obligation (varna-dharma) as a warrior and, more essential, his everlasting obligation or nature (sanatana-dharma) as an everlasting religious entity in relationship with God. Thus the relevance and universality of Krishna's teachings transcend the quick historical setting of Arjuna's battlefield dilemma. Krishna speaks for the advantage of all souls who've forgotten their everlasting nature, the final word aim of existence, and their eternal relationship with Him.


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