Bear's Restaurant

By Odencat

Bear's RestaurantBear's RestaurantBear's RestaurantBear's RestaurantBear's Restaurant

Bear restaurant

In this restaurant, the dead could have their last supper. Hamburgers, omelets, sushi, pudding, something. Let us cook your favourite dish when you were alive.

This is a story about a Bear and a Cat. You are a Cat, the assistant of a Bear, who is the chef of the restaurant. Players can know in regards to the buyer's favorite dishes by diving into their memories... but in reality, you yourself don't keep in mind who you're. Not even your favourite dish.

There is no troublesome puzzle, no exciting battle, no epic minimize scenes. But, you will bear in mind their episodes.

Warning This sport accommodates probably distressing supplies, such as traffic accident, suicide and homicide. However, there is no gore.

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