Atlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3D

By Andrei Ionut Apopei

Atlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3DAtlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3DAtlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3DAtlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3DAtlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals - Geology in 3D

Three-dimensional (3D) Rocks and Minerals within the form of interactive, partaking, and immersive experiences are of paramount significance to the geoscience group, researchers, college students, and philomaths.

Atlas of 3D Rocks and Minerals consists of a comprehensive digital 3D collection of minerals and rocks.

This app seeks to offer students of geology with an interactive scientific and studying environment within the field of Geosciences. The virtual assortment is aimed to be used as teaching materials for Mineralogy, Petrography, Crystallography, and different related disciplines.

The app is Made by a Geologist for Geologists.


Enhance scientific and studying environments within the area of Geosciences;

350 interactive 3D rocks and minerals;

Fully searchable;

Orbit, zoom and pan round 3D rocks and minerals;

3D Models with annotations;

Description for each 3D sample;

Toolkit for starters; Mineral Rock ID features;

Monthly updates!

3D Model controls:

️ Move digital camera: 1 finger drag

️ Pan: 2-finger drag

️ Zoom on object: Double-tap

️ Zoom out: Double-tap

️ Zoom: Pinch in/out

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