Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)

By Honeydew Games

Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)Assassin Lord : Idle RPG (Magic)

▶▶▶ VIP Benefits ◀◀◀

· Fire go well with (ATT 20%, Gold acquisition 20% )

ㄴ Available at Store → Suit

· Magic stone : 100

· Free model:

▶Game Introduction◀

Leaving-alone farming RPG

Grow your murderer stronger with easy and convenient play.

■ Come on, everyone! You monsters!

Defeat the monsters that come in unit

by unit with the distinctive characters and numerous skills!

■ Full of things you will get through hunting!

Try to make it best for you by buying,

disassembling, and reinforcing various gadgets given!

■ Heroes, please help me!

The reincarnated heroes which might be available

by using reincarnation points will be the most powerful

reinforcements for battles with monsters!

■ Special adventures are always fun!

Fight the strong boss Boss Battle

Fight the monsters that come endlessly Infinite Mode

Gold falls like rain Gold Warehouse

Send my alter ego Exploration Mode

■■■■■ Recommended level ■■■■■

- Easy operation, hottest action!

- Fun game!

- Monster Defense!

- 1 vs 100 fight!

- If you like action RPG!

- You prefer to grow assassin!

- You can get pleasure from this recreation even idle play type!

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