Armored Frontier

By Dotomchi Games Inc.

Armored FrontierArmored FrontierArmored FrontierArmored FrontierArmored Frontier


In 2050 AD. With the advancement of AI technology, humanity can now stay a prosperous life with out want of any extra labor. Even the warfare has been changed by AI with the development of AI mechs that are optimized for battle.

As humanity requires no more violence and murder, the world has agreed upon a brand new order of the place nations divide their lands and assets based on the outcome of the new league.

Afterwards, humanity is now committing everything to develop better AI...

Game Introduction

Armored Frontier is a mechanic action recreation the place you fight in opposition to users around the world and compete for ranking with a mech you created.

When the battle begins, 50 or more varied mechs would enter the battlefield at the same time to battle fiercely in opposition to one another to survive..

You will collect power balls in the battlefield and fight until your mech is destroyed. The collected vitality balls will turn out to be your rating to compete towards customers in the world.

Also, the game has a national ranking system that adds scores of users belong to every country.

Cloud Save

1. Regardless of your OS varieties, you'll be able to recover the game information from the cloud server when you change your gaming device or initialize the sport because of save knowledge errors when you addContent the sport information to the server.

2. You can create a new account along with your email ID to log in the cloud server.

3. To save the data within the cloud, click on the cloud save button on the bottom right of the title display screen to log in and synchronize your information to the server by way of the cloud knowledge save function.

4. To change your gaming device or recuperate data, you'll find a way to load the saved cloud knowledge. In this case, click the cloud load button.

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