AR GPS Compass Map 3D

By CodeKonditor

AR GPS Compass Map 3DAR GPS Compass Map 3DAR GPS Compass Map 3D

AR GPS Compass Map 3D - The Augmented Reality 3D Compass with an built-in split-screen map!

Locating landmarks (e.g. through latitude / longitude) has by no means been easier thanks to a inexperienced arrow on prime of the compass that all the time points in course of the currently selected landmark !

Our unique fusion and filtering algorithm that mixes the values of the magnetic subject sensor, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope gives you a most in precision and stability of the compass.

A particular function is the power to measure the height of large objects, similar to houses or trees. Check it out, it is really easy.


* 3D Augmented Reality display

* High precision and stability

* Integrated split-screen map of adjustable dimension with GPS location

* Display various GPS information (latitude, longitude, pace, altitude, number of satellites,...)

* Measure the peak of large objects (skyscrapers, trees, ...)

* Measure magnetic subject power (metal detector)

* Magnetic area energy warning (indicates magnetic influences)

* Geocaching: Easily outline and discover landmarks

* Share landmarks or your present location with other users

* Define landmarks by specifying latitude / longitude in numerous formats

* Define landmarks by a long-press on the map

* Define landmarks by specifying distance and bearing

* Supports LG’s Real3D know-how for stereoscopic displays

This is the Free-Version. There can also be a Pro-Version available. Please examine our other apps, you can find it there :-)

Have enjoyable :-)

Alex from CodeKonditor

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