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Annabel KarmelAnnabel KarmelAnnabel Karmel

Prepare quick, easy and nutritious meals for children of every age and stage with the Annabel Karmel Healthy Baby Toddler Recipes app. New, updated and filled with over 250 delicious recipes, meal planners, shopping lists and more. It’s the handiest guide for simple mealtime inspiration for busy mums and dads when preparing baby food, making toddler meals or cooking for the whole family.

Features – before you start cooking

• Over 250 recipes (and counting!) which you can store as favourites and add to your planners

• Organise meals for the week ahead with your own planners or use Annabel’s for inspiration

• Send recipe ingredients directly to your shopping lists

• Share recipes and shopping lists with friends and family

Features – when you’re cooking

• Freeze the screen so your phone doesn’t time out while you’re cooking

• Notes allow you to customise recipe sections

• Use the Interactive Speaker, so you can go through recipe steps without getting those sticky fingers on your mobile or tablet

With 25 years of food experience, Annabel is a child food expert and has become the UK’s most trusted resource amongst mums for good, tasty food. Whether you’re about to start weaning, thinking of exploring the baby-led weaning approach, or simply looking for new, quick and nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy, this is the ideal app to liven up your mealtimes. Better still, every recipe is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and handy tips – after all, family life is busy enough without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

From discovering the best first foods to storing firm family favourites, tackling everything from texture to fussy eating in between, Annabel’s app will grow with your family.

“This App is a life saver. I have two fussy children who only wanted to eat chicken nuggets and pizza and turned their nose up at anything homemade. Then I discovered this app. not only have my children so far enjoyed all the recipes I have cooked from the app, we found that the recipes were so good that we ended up eating them as well. For the first time I don’t dread mealtimes battles and I can cook one meal for the whole family. Thank You Annabel.” *****

Download the Annabel Karmel Baby Toddler Recipe app today and start to encourage your children to eat tasty and healthy meals that are quick and simple to prepare. From winning ideas for weaning through to inspiring recipes to help you create meals the whole family will enjoy, you’ll discover a completely new world of flavour.

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