Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG

By Alchemist Games Inc.

Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPGAngel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPGAngel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPGAngel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPGAngel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG

Experience the great-escape motion journey of Myel, an angel who was summoned to the underworld.

The destiny of an angel rests in your hands!

◈ Key Features

Simple controls that anyone can learn

Unlimited combinations of randomized special skills

Gorgeous battles with dynamic, full-screen magic effects

Choose your individual path via randomly generated stages

Lots of big bosses with distinctive attack patterns

Character customization with varied gear combinations

◈ Details

Avoid every kind of enemy attacks with simple control.

Use completely different attack expertise to defeat big bosses.

Become a legend by your own hand.

Enjoy roguelike motion and rise up to the highest stage in just half-hour.

60 completely different abilities for unlimited combinations that all the time keep the action contemporary and fun.

With new stages and monsters each run, you will never get bored.

Avoid the arrows of the demon archers, and the assaults of the dark wizard!

Dozens of bosses with totally different attack patterns await your problem.

It's time to put down the bow! Equip new gear and a wield a robust magic wand.

All legendary gear in the sport may be crafted with sufficient effort and time.

When your character fails, you have to begin from the beginning, but your equipment is saved.

Don't be afraid of restart, and maintain fighting in opposition to your enemies!

Welcome to an thrilling world of angels, magic, dungeons, treasure, and more!

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