AFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE Adventure


AFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE AdventureAFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE AdventureAFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE AdventureAFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE AdventureAFK Summoner : Real 3d IDLE Adventure

Strengthen your army and challenge player from worldwide! Many heroes are waiting for you here, lead them to rule the world!



This game is perfect if you don't have much time. AI auto-play process the fight scene. You just need enjoy the thrill of battle success. Meanwhile, don't worry about your hero abilities because the warriors also fight when you offline!

【Line Up Strategy】

Hundreds of warriors and beasts with IMBA skills! Need you to build a unique combat team!

Collect heroes, develop an upgraded team, complete daily missions, go through the next level, join the union battle, and challenge the arena, say no to regular game play!

Diversified cultivate system, thrilling battle scenes, start your fantasy journey!

【Enrich the game content】

The vast world is waiting for you to explore, and each stage will be an unprecedented challenge!

On the way to explore the world, you have many tasks .Finishing them can make you stronger!

We got new heroes every week!

Train your heroes and grow your team in unique ways!

【Cooperative Guild】

Globally distributed allies, unblocked communication allows you to find bosom friend and enemies.

The game comes with a translation system to help you communicate with players scattered around the world. Recruit more allies, develop and grow unions together, and get huge rewards exclusively for the alliance!

The powerful guild tech can make you stand out in battles!

【Reward rich achievement system】

Hundreds of achievement rewards will record every footstep in your game and guide you to shortcuts to success!


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