4Weight - weight tracker

By brainy apps studio

4Weight - weight tracker4Weight - weight tracker4Weight - weight tracker4Weight - weight tracker4Weight - weight tracker

4Weight is a simple app for weight control.

If you want just simple weight tracker – you can do it simple.

If you want advanced – no problem with that. There is many tools and data representations for your weight monitoring.

This application will help you to control your weight with only one touch per day.

Easy to use, simple and intuitive interface with only necessary functions.

Support lose and gain weight features.

Make your weight monitoring simple with this app.

BMI calculations:

Track your ideal weight with Body Mass Index. You BMI number will tell you if you are overweight, underweight or normal. You can also discover your ideal weight. BMI is most ideal body index from all others. It also used by WHO for weight recommendations.


How many calories do you need to lose, gain or maintain weight? How many proteins and carbohydrates? You can easy calculate that with this app. Please note, that best way to lose weight is to through exercises and diet

Body fat:

Find out your body fat percentage. There is two methods: BMI based method and body measurements method. There is a lot of method of body fat calculation, we offer You the ideal one.

Goal oriented:

Set you goals and achieve them! Browse you achieved goals. Be motivated!

4Weight key features:

Simple User friendly: Material Design, all data in one screen, clear user-friendly interface.

Theme switch: we offer You six different app themes.

System switch (measurements may be represented in kilos or pounds).

Analyze results: Charts, for different time periods. Analyze your history!

Goal oriented: Set up target weight and date.

Show ideal weight: Body Mass index calculations.

Reminder: friendly notification for entering new data.

Data backup and restore.

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