4Water – water drink reminder

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4Water – water drink reminder4Water – water drink reminder4Water – water drink reminder4Water – water drink reminder4Water – water drink reminder

4Water is a very simple water drink reminder.

This application helps you control you daily water norm.

How much liquid you need to drink, based on you age, gender, physical activity level and weather? You can get answer with our application!

Easy to use, simple and intuitive interface with only necessary functions.

Make your water drink control simple!

Manage you own drinks:

We offer you many different icons to manage your drinks. Icon database expands in time.

View history:

Smart history representation with grid values or charts.

Analyze your drinks:

You can view drinks statistic. If you were wonder, how much coffee do you drink? You can answer this easily.

Gender and age:

4Water supports calculations for different age and gender. As well as daily water calculations for pregnancy and breastfeeding.


We offer you different types of widgets, depending on what size you prefer.


Customize you notifications. Select start and end time for you notifications. Select convenient period. Customize LED color and sound.

4Water key features:

Simple User friendly: Material Design, all data in one screen, clear user-friendly interface.

Theme switch: we offer you seven different themes.

Measure system switch.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding support.

Reminder: friendly notification.

Data synchronization.

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