Mai Lingling 2018 Year of the Dog Zodiac

By 靈機現代科技館

Mai Lingling 2018 Year of the Dog ZodiacMai Lingling 2018 Year of the Dog Zodiac

[Mai Lingling 2018 Zodiac Fortune] APP authorized in the Greater China region, the content is synchronized with the book "Mai Lingling 2018 Year of the Tiger Zodiac", according to the situation of Zhou Yi Wu Xingsheng and the meteor, in addition to explaining each zodiac In addition to the fortune of fortune, career, body, and emotion in 2018, it also attaches to the general trend of the world, committing the TaiYang to dissolve the kit, the customs of the New Year, and the daily content of the gods, and the most eye-catching is the Year of the Dog. "Good luck Feng Shui layout", combined with the 2018 Jiugong Feixing Feng Shui layout to adjust the luck of each genus, want to Wang Ding Wang Cai Wang career, how can you miss the gold and silver marriage?

[APP Features]

APP uses a light and light-sounding shade of color to convey a feeling of joy in the sense of stability. What has to be mentioned in the interaction is the “personal fortune” module. As long as you enter the birth time, you can easily query your personal fortune. It is convenient and quick to remove the time of querying the comparison table. The “Jijitongshen” module is more intimate. Choose the type and month you want to carry out, and you can filter to the appropriate day of the month with a single click. It seems that the small function reveals the intimacy to the user.

[Six clear modules]

1. Year of the Rooster Guide - Folklore, how to turn too old, Mai Lingling guides you in 2018

2. Good luck Feng Shui Array - 2018 shots are not a dream! 2018, I want to improve the popularity of the peach blossom! !

3. Zodiac fortune - the zodiac dog year fortune, good luck essential guide!

4. Personal Fortune - Metaphysical Tianling Mai Lingling, for your private custom personal luck!

5. Investment Guide - How can I make a successful investment in the 2018 Fortune? Investment guide refers to investment techniques to help you invest 2018 smoothly!

6. Choi Ji Tongsheng - Marriage engagement to choose the day? Master Lingling will help you choose a good day!

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