The Godfather of Finance

By YuanFun Games

The Godfather of FinanceThe Godfather of FinanceThe Godfather of FinanceThe Godfather of FinanceThe Godfather of Finance

Are you still working hard every day to open OT for a meager salary?

Are you still working hard under the pressure of your boss?

Do you have a dream of creating a business empire and becoming a business president? Hurry up and download this year’s acclaimed business war mobile game—"The Godfather of Finance"! Start a company, train staff, and build your business empire! Hiring secretaries, dating beautiful women, and embarking on the road to counterattack the rich! Cultivate children, marry giants, and appoint successors to the financial empire!

Game Features

Encounter beautiful women, interact closely with the goddess

Game adopted The image of real beauty, whether you like famous ladies, Xiaojiabiyu, or charming secretary, sexy OL, there is always one that suits your taste;

❤️Invite goddesses on a date, participate in charity, give gifts, travel and chat , Make friends with all kinds of beauties and goddess of strategy, and finally spend a romantic moment together.

Recruiting talents to lay the foundation for the career

Well-known business elites are waiting for dispatch, recruiting employees to join the company, and training employees to improve their strength. Help you carry out acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of competitors, prevent financial turmoil, and expand your global business empire!

Simulate business warfare and become a business ghost

♟Realistic financial business warfare experience, company management, corporate acquisition, business negotiation, financial turmoil let you experience no Experience the cruelty and excitement of commercial warfare in the commercial battlefield of gunpowder.

The overbearing president, the beauty of the car, enjoy the luxury

♟Compete for the title of supreme, enjoy the thrill of adoration by thousands of people; meet famous families and host friends; collect Luxury cars and world-class cars are waiting for you to collect!

※This game can be downloaded for free, but some functions and items need to be stored in value.

※This software is classified into Level 12 according to the game software management method.

※Playing for a long time can easily affect the normal work and rest. It is advisable to take a good rest and exercise.

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