Audience: Listen to the voice and see the world

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Audience: Listen to the voice and see the worldAudience: Listen to the voice and see the worldAudience: Listen to the voice and see the worldAudience: Listen to the voice and see the worldAudience: Listen to the voice and see the world

Commute, walk, exercise, do housework, work... At every moment when your body and eyes are bound, your ears can set you free!

When you think there is too much information in this world, and all apps want to "hook addiction" to you, the listening world lets you see yourself by listening to others.

Whether you are

>Workers who are eager to learn and grow but have no time

>Young parents who enjoy happiness but are also in danger

>Some senior citizens who have a lot of passion and vitality

The listening community provides you with diverse and high-quality audio content, which is shared by experts, scholars, amateurs, comers and celebrities in various fields, through a warm voice Communicate, you will find that listening is more moving and easier than reading.

If you are an office worker, the listening world allows you to fully explore the world outside of daily work and life, let you play the value of hidden time, easily expand your horizons, efficient learning, positive thinking, and calmly face life Different topics.

If you are a young parent, you will hear a lot about the family relationship management that makes you yearn for it, whether it is husband and wife or parent-child interaction. You can learn how to extend the honeymoon period of the couple and the appreciation period of the parents, reduce family conflicts, and reduce the chance of the kid being kidnapped by the screen.

If you are a senior citizen, you can use listening to obtain life information and new knowledge, so that you can communicate with your juniors and grandchildren, and increase the source of topics among your peers. You can also get a lot of practical information related to health and senior life.

The operating interface of the App is very simple, but it has rich functions and personalized settings. Compared with various webcast Podcasts at home and abroad, it guarantees you a more exciting and efficient listening time.

Thematic classification-a collection of different radio station program sources, the same field of audio is exhausted.

Selection curation-carefully selected by the editor, let you full harvest.

Introduction to guide listening-first read the outline quickly, and then decide whether you want to listen immediately or join the list first

list playback-you can play continuously when driving long distances by car, without having to build the most Easy

Listen on the go-from now on, don’t be afraid to miss your favorite shows, speeches, topics

In order to reduce the use of eyes, we don’t provide audio verbatim drafts

To Environmental protection and energy saving, we allow you to listen when the screen is off.

To promote listening, you will be given free listening time every week

If you run out of the week, but you don’t want to pay to hear it If you are full, wait until next Monday to have a new free listening time.

The listening world expects you to begin to experience listening. From listening to the voice of someone you may feel strange and have never met, if you can listen to his feelings quietly, I believe you have learned to "listen".

Listening is just two words, but it’s a lifetime to learn~

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