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Time of the moonTime of the moonTime of the moonTime of the moonTime of the moon

2018 3DMMO Oriental Fantasy Mobile Game "Time of the Bright Moon" is coming! The game uses a cool engine, combined with real physics calculations to fly, combo, and displacement skills, giving you a combat effect you have never experienced before. The plot, the scene, and the scene are united, taking you through time and space in one second, returning to the prosperous Tang, and enjoying the super-burning oriental fantasy world!

Game features:

--The ultimate picture is like a scroll--

Next-generation picture expressiveness, global dynamic light effects, real physical collision technology, super High-definition particle skills, special effects, and fine motion compensation. These five core technologies create realistic game scenes and characters. The game has all-round improvements in the light perception and texture of the material, rendering an immersive visual experience.

--The innovative system is waiting for you to fight--

The goddess of high beauty will fight side by side with you; the god summoning system will release the cool full-screen big move; the seventy-two change system, Transform into a Monkey King and experience the power of fighting and defeating Buddha! . At the same time, there are many unique gameplays, such as large-scale gang wars, siege wars, cross-server ladder competitions, 1V1 battles, and multiplayer copies, allowing players to have a thrilling real PVP experience;

--real social bonding- -

Very innovative multi-person social elements, a marriage system, a child-rearing system, hand in hand, and grow old with them, allowing players to forge a relationship in "Time of the Bright Moon" and experience a real social experience; At the same time, hundreds of exquisite appearance models, fashions, cloaks, wings, fairy pets, etc., each have their own ingenuity, unique design, and bursting beauty. Create your own personalized customization!

--Enjoy fighting--

Have perfect auxiliary operation, easy to liberate hands; have skill displacement, forced displacement, dodge operation and other aiming and avoiding elements, and cooperate with the skill to shake back and forth mechanism , Experience an extremely refreshing combat experience;

※This software is classified as supplementary 15 levels according to the game software management method

※The game contains female nude screens or images and back Or the distant nakedness, text, video, and voice expressions specifically involve descriptions that will not be sexually suggestive.

※This game has violence and horror: bloody or horrible images such as attacks and killings, which do not make people feel cruel.

※This game has screens or plots that induce the use of tobacco and alcohol.

※There are vulgar words, words or dialogues in this game.

※This game describes crimes or misconducts other than the fifth paragraph of the previous article, but it will not cause children and teenagers to imitate.

※Other descriptions of this game may have adverse effects on the behavior or psychology of people under the age of fifteen.

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