Wenmo Tianji ● Ziwei Dou

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Wenmo Tianji ● Ziwei DouWenmo Tianji ● Ziwei DouWenmo Tianji ● Ziwei DouWenmo Tianji ● Ziwei DouWenmo Tianji ● Ziwei Dou

The number of Ziweidou is one of the most important tribes of traditional Chinese numerology, ranking first among the “five gods”. It predicts the good and bad of people by the year, month, day and time when the person is born. In ancient times, the prediction of the purple micro-counter number was royal royalties, which was ruled by Qin Tianjian, and was specifically predicted by the emperor. The complexity of the arrangement limited its spread in the folk.

The rapid development of contemporary computer technology has made the original complicated micro-counter number easier. However, there are some problems in the online software on the network, such as: 1. Anxing is not allowed; 2. The time limit of the arrangement is limited; 3. The program is no longer updated and the error cannot be corrected; 4. Missing Web, desktop and mobile versions of the same style of software...

"Wenmo Tianji ● Ziweidou" is a set of purple micro-counter number designed and developed for the above problems Software, it has the following characteristics:

1. Provides high-precision perpetual calendar, which can be used for a wide range of time, which makes up for the small time range of the same type of software, and it is not convenient to study the ancient life and after The shortcomings of human life.

2. Provide a consistent layout style and user experience for the web version, the desktop version (Windows/Mac), and the mobile version (IOS/Android).

3. Provides a well-designed layout interface, simple and simple, compatible with the habits of the numerologist and the purple micro-number of fans, the layout and color style and the widely used meteor The three-in-one and four-in-one software are consistent, greatly reducing the threshold for use.

4. Provide a wealth of configuration options for the different genre Ziwei number researchers to set up according to the theory of the faction.

5. Provide convenient and fast limit and flow year switching functions to greatly enhance the experience of beginners.

6. Provide continuous software update service, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the numerologist and Ziwei number fans, and continuously update and improve the product.


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