Digital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital life

By 数字尾巴

Digital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital lifeDigital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital lifeDigital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital lifeDigital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital lifeDigital Tail | Sharing a beautiful digital life

The wonderful digital life you are obsessed with, from then on, the seconds are not ruined, all in the palm of your hand.

"Digital Tail", your wonderful digital life sharing platform.

Including the most abundant digital information you have never heard of, the most unpredictable product reviews, feel the "tails" of all kinds of digital life, wonderful pictures, photography insights, travel travel, love sharing Personally experience the various online salon activities, the digital life experience and the perfect extension of reality, all realized.


1, elegant Material Design, efficient and smooth user experience

2, seven channels, thousands of articles, comparable to magazines Reading Experience

3. Play social networking "group" and share the zero threshold of digital life

4. On "Tail Tail", it is easy and convenient to buy and store idle digital

5, support Android 7.1 native "Shortcuts" feature

Like the digital tail LOGO to explain to everyone, from the beginning to the end we never stop moving forward, only in the digital ocean Unusually fresh and literary style, uniqueness belongs to our character.

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