Love develops 3

By CatCap Studio

Love develops 3Love develops 3Love develops 3Love develops 3Love develops 3

Background of the story:

One of the four angels, the son of the morning star, and the six-winged seraph Lucifer, is dissatisfied with Yahveh's disregard for human suffering after giving human life, He refused to worship Jesus, and was deprived of the title of archangel by Jehovah.

Lucifer led a third of the heavenly spirit to rebel against Jehovah. After defeating the new archangel Michael, who was about to break the court, he was attacked by another archangel Gabriel. Lucifer fought 9 morning dawns with Gabriel. Together, they fell into the Lake of Fire. In the flame, the two angels were reduced to ashes, but the Holy Spirit was immortal, and they were eventually reincarnated into twins.

The Lord saw all this, sighed, and predicted that the twins would bring subversion of heaven, earth, and demons, and sent the angel Raphael to kill them. baby.

At the same time, Lucifer's friend, Samael, came to the Devil to find the pair of babies. Before Raphael started, he grabbed two children, cast them to the earth, and avoided the pursuit of the Holy Spirit. At the same time, he was also seriously injured by Raphael and disappeared into the abyss of Hell. He used the final power to turn into a magic crystal to seal the twins, so that Jehovah could not perceive their existence ...

The first time After the jihad ended, Jehovah expelled humans from Eden, and forbid angels from entering the world without permission. The holy spirits who betrayed the heavens turned into black wings and other ugly faces, became the devil in the abyss of the demon world, and waited for revenge.

In the world, a traveler inadvertently walks into the depths of the dark cave ...

Introduction to the game:

As the No. 1 in "Love Cultivation" series Three works, Love 3 presents a brand new story for everyone.

A more confusing plot coupled with a still beautiful style of painting;

A series of ornate chapters are presented in the context of Bible stories.

Product features:

-Japanese painting style is beautiful and exquisite, multi-scene, multi-CG

-The storyline is novel, the ups and downs are colorful, and the colors are colorful

-Add more players to interact with the protagonist, choose to trigger the branch route

-Various endings, make players full of desire to explore

-Awesome background music for players to fully enjoy the game Beauty

-Rich mini-game implants add new game fun

-Various dressups and item collections add new game playability

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