Tianya Mingyue Knife M-Garena

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Tianya Mingyue Knife M-GarenaTianya Mingyue Knife M-GarenaTianya Mingyue Knife M-GarenaTianya Mingyue Knife M-GarenaTianya Mingyue Knife M-Garena

"Tianya Mingyue Knife M" interprets the top performance in the MMORPG mobile game, with magnificent light and shadow scenes like a scroll, the most detailed face-squeezing system that can be fine-tuned, and the sects of the Eight Desolates intertwined with a smooth combo of combat and praise The wide open world allows you to explore the huge plot of one plant, one tree, multiple branches and multiple endings. The ending is up to you. Fighting, cooking, fishing, hunting, building, or wandering freely, your choices have no boundaries. My world is not only martial arts!

-Official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/MBMTWGarena

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▎Variously changeable face and delicate makeup

With more than 600 parameters, you can fine-tune your face, hairstyle, body shape, makeup, and truly create a thousand faces, walking in Never hit your face on the road!

▎Martial arts competition, smooth combat

Fighting experience full of strategy and percussion, Bahuangmen party decisive test combo skills, multiple PVE and PVP modes let you enjoy the fun fighting!

▎Extreme picture open world

The beautiful scenes with broad sea and sky, picturesque mountains and rivers, real-time changes, meticulous performance of day and night, light and shadow, in this commendable world, you want to hunt, Fishing, cooking and playing with cats are all up to you!

▎The huge plot goes against the heavens and changes fate

Every corner of the world is full of moving stories waiting for you to trigger. Every choice you make can change the direction of the rivers and lakes. There are multiple branches. The multiple ending system even allows you to change the ending of the story!

▎Freedom to build exclusive mansions

The vast hinterland is waiting for you to develop it yourself. Every flower and every building is decorated by you. In this world, everyone All have their own piece of world!

▎Enriching socializing   heartbeat everywhere

Isn’t enough to make a group of real partners in a parallel time and space with gang guilds, charity knot Jinlan, and intimate socializing? You can even attack your favorite NPC!

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