Situ Fazheng 2019 Zodiac Fortune

By 靈機現代科技館

Situ Fazheng 2019 Zodiac FortuneSitu Fazheng 2019 Zodiac Fortune

In 2019, was it a marriage, a good time, or a promotion? The most accurate birth of the Year of the Pig in the Year of the Pig, which is exclusively authorized by Situ Law, is unveiled for you!

Situ Acting--Macau Casino Gold Medal Masters; successively founded the Macau Taoist Association, Hurricane Taoist Temple, Qifeng Road, Liuyi Fuying Hall, Chinese Metaphysics Institute, Wireless Most Popular The program was hosted by the "Different Archives"; it was awarded the honorary consul of the Republic of Vanuatu as a consul in Macau; it was awarded the "Charity Achievement Award" by the Royal Family for many times and was honored as the title of "Feng Cai Fu Xing".

[Situ Fazheng 2019 Zodiac Fortune] In addition to the traditional Zodiac fortune, there are also special features of Situ’s Law that have been summed up for many years of experience and improved several times. The most eye-catching method, of course, is the most mysterious ancestral good luck feng shui array of Master Situ.

APP features

1, [Stuart is 2019 Zodiac fortune] APP has a pig year fortune guide, zodiac fortune, Situ Fazheng features driving method, good luck Feng Shui array, pig The baby changed its name to taboo and chooses Jitong to win six categories.

2, [Stuart is 2019 Zodiac fortune] The app also has a Stuart's signature charm module, so that you can also get the master's charm on the phone.

3, [Situ's Law is 2019 Zodiac Fortune] There is also a feature selection in the APP. In just two steps, you can choose a variety of auspicious days, such as marriage, housing, and opening. More can collect your chosen days and share them with your friends!

4, [Situ's Law is 2019 Zodiac fortune] The characteristics of the pig year's characteristic shipping method and the good luck Feng Shui array are the exclusive feng shui secrets of Situ Fazheng.

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