Call me the monarch: I want to have all the beauty


Call me the monarch: I want to have all the beautyCall me the monarch: I want to have all the beautyCall me the monarch: I want to have all the beautyCall me the monarch: I want to have all the beautyCall me the monarch: I want to have all the beauty


-The harem is surrounded by red faces, and the offspring are cultivated in groups-

-Sitting on the country, how can there be no beauty to accompany you?

-The beauty image of the country and the city,

-The ingenious harem system,

-Do you still have the confidence to sit still?

[Be the emperor]

-Inherit the glory of the Three Kingdoms, and achieve the glory of the king-

-Stand out among many forces,

-One step A footprint ascends the throne,

-You can experience the extravagant emperor life without crossing!

[Famous Generals]

-Historical collection of famous generals, heroic killing of enemies on the battlefield-

-Ancient people: good birds choose woods and habitat, virtuous officials choose masters And things~

-Prestigious historical generals are all on the stage,

-Let the monarch recruit famous people from the past,

-Consult the monarch in the north and south war!

[Small Games]

-Various fun games, time-saving artifacts-

-In the spare time of the national war, why not come for a thrilling gomoku?

-There are countless casual games,

-If you don’t have a liver or krypton, let you have fun!

【Scramble for territory】

-Wen Tao Wu Lu is in hand, resourceful and resourceful all over the world-

-Expand the territory, and you will succeed in the end!

-Ten thousand nation battles are king,

-Achieve tens of thousands of players' dream of nation-building!

"Call Me the Monarch: Hongyan Jiangshan" is an original historical theme mobile game that combines the development of a monarch simulation and strategy cards! The start is just a meritocracy, and it depends on how you step by step ascend to the throne, build your own country, and sit on your own beauty! It is vividly presented from the first perspective of the monarch, allowing you to experience the thrill of meeting a beautiful woman, dating a goddess, raising children, domination of the country, siege of cities and land, adding officials to the ranks, and worshipping by the whole people! Whether it is power conquering the world or enjoying the beauty of the harem, you don’t have to choose all of them, allowing you to easily experience a refreshing emperor’s life!

We are very happy to solve any problems encountered in the game for you, welcome to contact us!


Email: [email protected]

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