Sword Trace: One Thought Allure


Sword Trace: One Thought AllureSword Trace: One Thought AllureSword Trace: One Thought AllureSword Trace: One Thought AllureSword Trace: One Thought Allure

Log in the next day and get a super cute double mount!

Inquire about the Three Realms, and fall in love. Let's explore the beautiful oriental fantasy wonderland together!

The 2019 fantasy MMORPG masterpiece "Sword of Sword: The Allure of One Thought" is coming! The game uses the industry's top engine, combined with real physical collisions, combos, and free talent combinations to give you a combat effect you have never experienced before. Experience the most real fantasy world, the most touching and beautiful game plot, take you through time and space in one second, and enjoy the beautiful oriental fantasy wonderland!

Game features:

[Super-free talent system, easy combo moves to be the king at your fingertips]

Break a higher level in the game and unlock more Talent skills. Thanks to the diverse combination of talents, the ever-changing combat moves, easy combos, super exciting and more addictive!

[Super-large fantasy wonderland, sit and watch the mountains and seas to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the good time]

The game has a very grand world map, a tangible fantasy wonderland. The tranquil lake view, Kunlun Snow Mountain, and the bustling capital city can all be found in "Scars of Sword: One Thought Allure".

[Super fun social networking with real people, meet and love each other]

Features Xinyuan social gameplay, personal albums, photo walls, squares, you can find friends anytime, anywhere. Encounter, acquaintance, know each other, love each other. In "Scars of Sword: One Thought Allure", there are more love games such as wedding banquets, concentric knots, etc., together for love.

[Super-exciting multiplayer gameplay, more enjoyable fighting on the same screen]

Many gameplays carefully designed by the R

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