Ghost Story - National Fantasy Social Flagship

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Ghost Story - National Fantasy Social FlagshipGhost Story - National Fantasy Social FlagshipGhost Story - National Fantasy Social FlagshipGhost Story - National Fantasy Social FlagshipGhost Story - National Fantasy Social Flagship

A new generation of national fantasy sports games, male knights, female shooters, male axes, female physicians are the first to rejuvenate, beautiful at the time!

The value of the face is upgraded - the four majors are gorgeous and the new image is shining because of the beauty;

The system of the fairy tales - the sacred world of the three worlds, the new season with the city war ;

beautiful shot 2.0 - SLR-class beauty camera, one-button capture of the beauty of the three worlds;

Children and children - super-bionic intelligent cute baby, personality growth voice interaction; /p>

Festival activities - June 1st, Dragon Boat Festival, welfare rounds, happy June every day;

More early summer limited fashion [青鸾羽] on the mall, call friends and friends together Join it!

Beautiful ancient style, national fantasy! "Ghost Story" mobile game inherits the classic gameplay, the best equipment fair drop, free battle hundred people fight. Diversified social activities include mentoring, worship, husband and wife, parenting, dream island, realizing social interaction inside and outside the game, and becoming close to the world.

[Game Features]

——Ancient and Fantasy Extremely Beautiful

Jinling, Xiaoyaoguan, Lanruo Temple... dozens of beautiful ancient scenes in the three circles, for you It presents a grand fantasy world; the national treasure-level luxury seiyuu lineup, delicately rendered movie-quality HD quality, brings a gorgeous audio-visual feast!

——Ten major occupations are not tired of playing

The five major sects, ten major occupations, 20 characters, with gender transformation, transfer of play, one account has a variety of role experience! Contests, Guanning School, Gaochang Maze, martial arts challenge, gang league and many other PVP games, heads-up, team battles, field battles, you have more choices, but also a fight to prove your strength! There is also an intriguing role-playing story that takes you through the story of the characters!

——Super Placement of Freedom Homes DIY Fired Heirloom

With your own home plot, you can freely place your home and build and freely display the furniture in your home. There is also a novel "heirloom" porcelain gameplay, from which the character's attributes are improved, and AR projections are used to bring the virtual reality into reality.

——Lovely sweet gameplay Full service social networking

Location-based live social networking is hot! Competing for the pro, the eight-character marriage, the romantic wedding, the sedan tour, the stimulation of the pro, the love mission has everything! There are more worship systems, mentoring system, personal space, gangs and the inner and outer dream island community to socialize together, to achieve the role of game state, the player's live-action pictures of deep interaction!

——Multiple PVE gameplay singles, team to pick you up

Enrich PVE activities, fun: the new martial art, feel the whole skill skills; help the flowers fight, 寇The island is besieged, and all the members of the team are surrounded by the enemy; the mysterious treasure map mission, looking for the unknown treasures of the world...

——The perfect restoration of the new generation of national mobile game classic online games

inheritance "New Ghost Story" online game home, one-stop, running business, plot main line, treasure map and other classic gameplay, relive the world of Qian on the mobile phone! Netease's new generation of national mobile games, and then continue the three realities!

[Contact Us]

If you like our game, please pay attention to the game official website, official WeChat, Weibo to get more game updates! Please feel free to give us comments and comments!

Official website:

WeChat: Qianqian Ghost Hand Tour (qnyhshouyou)

Weibo: Ghost Story Ghost Tour

Customer Service Phone: 95135521

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