Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0

By 香港佛教文化協會

Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0Fomei electronic Buddhist scriptures 2.0

The popular version of the "Fomei Electronic Buddhist Scriptures" is the world's first Chinese electronic Buddhist scriptures. Fomei Electronic Tripitaka. The collector's edition is based on the original edition.

In 2012, the first version of the Fomei Electronic Buddhist Tripitaka popular version 1.0 (online test version) was launched, in 2014 the "Fomei Electronic Buddhist Tripitaka" popular version 1.0 (mobile version) was launched, and an updated version was uploaded in 2018. : Popular Edition of "Buddhism Electronic Buddhist Tripitaka" 2.0 (Android mobile version), Haihui people, read Tibet Zhijin, learn Buddhist practice!

For more than 20 years, the compilation of the "Fu Mei Electronic Buddhist Scriptures", let us know clearly: reducing human errors and problems in the editing process, is the first compilation of "Fo Mei Electronic Buddhist Scriptures" !! When you use the reading platform, if you find artificial editing errors and system problems, please use the editing booklet to upload your editing merits. We will follow up with you as soon as possible, and together with you, Famei Electronic Collection Scripture Editing Merit!

I pray to the elders of Zhushan, experts and scholars, and the great virtues of Shifang. Help us to complete the second revision of the "Fu Mei Electronic Tripitaka" for the first time! Let more people read Tibet Zhijin online and learn to practice Buddhism!

Popular Edition of "Buddhism Electronic Buddhist Tripitaka":

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