Uma Musume Pretty Derby

By Cygames, Inc.

Uma Musume Pretty DerbyUma Musume Pretty DerbyUma Musume Pretty DerbyUma Musume Pretty DerbyUma Musume Pretty Derby

The training simulation game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" is now available!

Enjoy the world of Uma Musume expressed in high quality 3D with a deep training system!

◆ Introduction

"Uma Musume". They were born to run.

Born with a name from another world that has a strange and sometimes brilliant history,

runs with that soul. That is their destiny.

No one knows the future race results of Uma Musume who lives in this world.

They keep running. Aim only for the goal at the tip of your eyes.

◆ It's up to the trainer how to raise a beautiful girl "Uma Musume" with various personalities and charms!

Aim for the big stage of dreams! Aim to win the race you are aiming for with Uma Musume, who is in charge of the trainer, and let's make your dreams come true with a three-legged race while training and communicating every day!

◆ The drama of those racehorses is back!

Each person's story will be developed with the motif of historical facts!

Special Week (CV: Azumi Waki)

Silence Suzuka (CV: Marika Kouno)

Tokai Teio (CV: Machico)

Oguri Cap (CV: Tomoha Takayanagi)

Gold Ship (CV: Hitomi Ueda)

Wokka (CV: Ayaka Ohashi)

Daiwa Scarlet (CV: Kimura) Chisaki)

Mejiro McQueen (CV: Saori Onishi)

Symbolil Dorf (CV: Azumi Tadokoro)

Rice Shower (CV: Marika Kouno)


Haru Lala (CV: Shina Shuto)

Nice Nature (CV: Kaori Maeda)

and many other famous horses that have made a name for themselves in history!

Over 60 horse girls are waiting for you!

◆ Powerful race and masterpiece live performance created by high quality 3D!

Up to 18 horse girls will challenge the race aiming for the first place! Let's see the victory of the horse girl in charge with the real-life live performance!

Furthermore, waiting for the horse girl who won the race is "Winning Live"! Various songs and productions will liven up Uma Musume's live performance!

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